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on the tiger woods accident, coming up -- the president and his decision on troops. >>> president obama has made up his mind about the future of afghanistan. >> putting u.s. afghanistan policy interaction, tomorrow, he will lay out those plans for the american public. >> at west point tomorrow night, the president is expected to announce a troop increase and plans for an eventual withdrawal. putting more lives on the line and finding a way to pay for it, the stakes are high. jonny eve of a monument to a speech, president obama faces what could be one of the most critical decisions of his life -- just on the eve of a monumental speech. >> if he succeeds, he will get the credit for winning >> he is expected to outline an eventual withdrawal -- he will get credit for winning. >> he is expecting to outline an eventual withdrawal. >> without partners that are willing to do stuff in both afghanistan and pakistan, no number of american troops can solve all of those problems. >> late last night, the president gave his order to pentagon brass to start moving troops toward the battlefield. today, he
. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
one. what do you think of that? >> barack obama has a problem. >> that is an understatement. >> he has got an afghan government that is an unworthy partner in this adventure. he is part -- he has karzai, who is a clerk, corrupt, involved in that heroin business, and there is no indication that anything will happen to him. he has a week afghan government to work with. he now estimates the decision about what to do with what general mcchrystal has recommended. -- he now has to make a decision about what general mcchrystal has recommended. all signs are that it will be along the lines of mcchrystal lite, not t give him 40,000 troops -- but >> it reminds me of 1972 in south viet nam or the president ran for reelection, only nobody ran against him so "choose the one, the only one at." [laughter] >> can you have confidence in karzai? >> it is diminishing on the part of the british. prime minister gordon brown made clear that those troops -- >> a single military officer -- sound familiar? >> an afghan they were treating -- there were certain tests that have to be bad and probably cannot be me
m dan harris >>> i'm dan harris, and this is "world news." toght, the obama effect. the president back on the campaign trail, trying to help an embattled democrat up for election on tuesday. can he rally voters the way he did one year ago? >>> election chaos in afghanistan. after president karzai's chief rival quits. where does this leave the u.s. effort to stabilize that country? >>> sweet spot. our investigation into the marketing of fatty, sugary foods to children. now, they are targeted online, on their cell phones and even inside of popular video games. many parents have no idea. >>> and, born to run. as an american man wins the new york marathon for the first time in a generation, we look at why, when it comes to running, humans are the king of beasts. >>> good evening. one year ago tonight, barack obama was out on t campaign trail heading to victory under the banner of yes we can. today, they were calling it yes we can 2.0, as mr. obama went back on the campaign trail, not for himself, but for the governor of new jersey, jon corzine. this race is emerginging as a test of ob
, another governor's seat went gop. >> received a call from president obama who was exceptionally gracious and kind. >> quietly, democrats had to be a bit heartbroken. >> good morning. this is not quite the good morning i had hoped it would be. >> even if they put on a happy face. >> from my perspective, we won last night. >> appearances by president obama, bill clinton, joe biden, and al gore in the governors' races would indicate otherwise. they wanted to win badly, and voters simply did not bite. >> i think this is a signal that a better reconsider the direction of their policies. >> all this talk about the death of the party and it is over, it is crazy nonsense. >> the town hall meetings, the rallies. it is a real concern about this dangerous level of debt. >> exit polling showed more than half of the voters said president obama was not a factor in their decision. republicans insist it was a referendum, and they say if they can capitalize on these opportunities, that congress and even the white house will be in play. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> democrats came away with a big victory
, president obama is now in japan. while he's there he won't be venturing outside tokyo. >> and that's not what many japanese wanted to hear. especially in the city that has the name the president has. margaret connelly reports from obama city, japan. >> reporter: far from the bustling city of tokyo, a five-hour journey by train is a coastal town along the sea of japan. now famous for its name. from street banners and taxis to obscure souvenirs, this town reaches out to the president from the other side of the world. at obama city hall, the mayor shows us correspondence with the white house. photographs and notes of thanks from the president and michelle for the city's gifts and letters. mayor says it's not a one-way thing. featured on this chocolate cake box along with slogans for world peace. the president and i have the same face, he says, the only difference is the hairstyle. people say we have the same ears. in this port town of 30,000 people fishing has long been the main industry. increasingly the people in this town are cashing in on the obama name. and there's even a place t
actually comes. the obama, for obama. here, it starts with a name. margaret conley, abc news, obama city, japan. >> and the word obama translates to little beach. >> little beach, he sadly will not be visiting on this trip. >> yeah. >> maybe next time. >>> stay w >> just moments away on good morning, washington, traffic for trivers and will a water main break turn an already big friday rush into a longer one? >> and a nor'easter funds to coast with heavy rains and high winds. we are on storm watch this morning. >> and president obama arrives to another country and makes a tribute to the service penn. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good friday morning washington, i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling, good morning, everybody. we have made it to friday morning. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> this could be a difficult one on the beltway. >> brian? >> we're looking at some rough gos along the area because of leftover wet pavement and gusty winds. today the rain is less intense. light in nature but off and on roughout day. it will
>> sarah palin is back with her new book. president obama had a message about the freedom of speech during his visit today. plus, why these protesters were frustrated outside of goldman sachs today. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, "on your side." >>> it is already a big success, sarah palin's new book and there is speculations about a political future. >> she sat down with oprah today and now many people are wondering if she is just pushing her book or pushing her way to washington. >> political insiders note that her book tour stops looking lot like a political map. she is skipping the big book sales cities like washington, d.c., new york, and san francisco. in the interview, oprah asks her about her presidential plans and why she quit as governor. >> does that mean you are reloading for 2012? >> i am concentrating on 2010 and making sure we have issues tackled as americans to make sure -- >> are you thinking about it? >> no. >> voters were divided over 80 sarah palin presidency. >> if the guarantees a win for preside
morning. president obama is winding down his ten-day trip to asia with an historic visit to china. mr. obama has met with chinese president hu for talk. >> two leaders were in agreement on key issues, and our correspondent joins us from beijing. >> reporter: good morning, this is arguably the most important stop on the president's visit so he is spending quite a bit of time on the ground here in china. he said relations between the u.s. and china have never been more important, so he's working hard to strengthen that relationship. president obama played tourist today, taking in some of beijing's signature sights at e forbidden city. his r&r comes hours after closed door talks with communist leaders, including more than five hours with president hu. >> a strong u.s./china partnership and dialogue is important not only for the well-being and prosperity of our two nations but also of the world. >> reporter: much of their discussions have centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor with $800 billion in u.s. treasury bonds. >> so far, china's partnership has proved critica
of police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators and making several arrests. >>> president obama has a message for iran on this, the anniversary of that well-known hostage crisis. >> in a statement the president says iran needs to choose between focusing on the past or moving toward a brighter future. >> laura setrakian is in the mideast with a look at u.s./iran relations. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morng, jeremy and vinita. when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy, taking 63 americans hostage, they drove a wedge into u.s./iranian relations that's lasted more than 30 years. for 444 days the crisis continued. the hostage-takers called their captives guests of the ayatollah. they celebrated the embassy takeover as a victory against imperialism and the american super power. every year on the 4th of november iran's government commemorates the event with rallies against the u.s., the great satan in the eyes of the islamic revolution. this year the scene is more complicated. iran's government is railing against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over it
post reported that said the obama administration plans to propose that the u.s. transportation department take over safety regulation on the nation's subways and the light rail systems. administration officials are responding to a brolin -- growing number of collisions, including the deadly crash on the metro red line last june. virginia will express no lger expects delays on the fredericksburg line today. it said last week that signal will likely push the schedule behind, but the work went faster than expected. the natchez and fredericksburg lines will operate on normal schedule today. >> if president obama is in sign on the third leg of its four nation -- his four nation tour of asia. destocking tsvangirai this morning where he held a town hall meeting with chinese university students, pledging to work with china does all global, economic, and security problems. the president says he is still deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. secretary of state to hillary clinton says the u.s. need more accountability from the country before sending in more aid. she said the primar
morning. >> the call to lakin from the obama administration stems from what happened at the metro stations 7 months ago. the deadly metro collision. other safety issues at subway systems across the nation are some reasons why the government wants to step in. a lot in place since 1965 have president of federal government from regulating the subway systems. they planned to introduce a proposal to congress. congressman graemham is in favo, but some say it's another way for the gunman to grab more power. some lawmakers are concerned over how much the proposal will cost. a metro spokesperson says this is very preliminary, but the agency is in favor of more safety oversight. kathy park reporting. >> thank you. also, virginia railway express no longer expects delays of fredericksburg line today. it said last week signal work with the clippers their schedules behind, but the work went faster than they expected. the fredericksburg and manassas lines wi operate on normal schedules today. >> president obama is in china on his four nation tour through asia he is in beijing for a two-day visit with the
. >> one year from triumph, president obama confronts tough challenges. >> we're out of jobs. >> young americans are unnecessarily in harm's way. >> no government plan, no more debt, no more government takeovers. >> is he delivering his promise of change? >> you've got to recognize that change doesn't happen overnight. >> our exclusive headliner, the president's adviser, confidante and close friend, valerie jarrett. plus, debate and analysis on our powerhouse roundtable with george will, strategist dee dee myers from the clinton white house and ed gillespie from the bush white house. veteran political reporter ron brownstein of "the national journal" and liberal activist the reverend al sharpton and, as always, "the sunday funnies." >> president obama has played more golf in nine months than george bush in nearly three years. actuly obama is a good golfer. you know what his handicap is? joe biden, yeah, joe biden. >>> it was one year ago this week that barack obama made history with his sweeping win over john mccain. how much has he changed the country? how much has the office changed
and chris christie are crossing the state. president obama made his fifth election stop in new jersey yesterday to try to secure the democratic win. from what both new jersey and virginia as gubernatorial races and the national implications of them, watch our battleground virginia special at 11:35 p.m. after abc7 news at 11:00. >> president obama called afghan president hamid karzai today to congratulate him on his victory, but also had advice for him. he told them he expects more effort to end government corruption in afghanistan. karzai won a second term after the runoff election was cancelled after his opponent dropped out. his opponent said the second election would be as fraudulent as the first one. >> karas holmes is live from rock field tonight where they're considering same-sex benefits for contract workers. >> the call it the same sex equal benefit and hendrika and when you does contract work for the county would be covered. -- under its, anyone who does contract work for the county would be covered. >> those are families and these are working people. that iexactly the kind o
? the obama state dinner was a hot ticket. >> cheers. >> reporter: so hot, that two reality tv stars apparently crashed the party. the socialites from the show "the real housewives of washington" were announced. but the white house says they were not invited, marking what appears to be the first time in modern history anyone has crashed a state dinner. photos published on their facebook page show the couple with high-profile guests, like vice president joe biden and chief of staff, rahm emanuel. the secret service is looking how the couple got past security. one official said, these individuals went through magnetometers. they reportedly left before seated for dinner. lying to the secret service could bring a felony charge. it didn't clear how close the salahi's got to the president or the first lady. they were clear to be at the dinner. and they went through five security check points. we'll have much more on this story later on "good morning america." >>> when president obama makes his case for more u.s. troops to afghanistan next week, he'll be doing so from the military academy a
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
-- >> new york city's still recovering. >> confronting 9/11 again. as president obama considers more troops for afghanistan. >> the united states cannot be engaged in an open-ended commitment. >> his attorney general prosecutes the plot's masterm d mastermind. >> in a courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. >> this is a big step in the wrong direction. >>> topics this morning for our headliners. secretary of state hillary clinton and former new york mayor, rudy giuliani. hillary and rudy only on "this week." >>> then -- >> we don't have to continue to go down this controversy road. >> she's back. >>> george will, gwen ifill of pbs. david brooks of "the new york "mother jones." corn from >>> and as always, the sunday funnies. >> before john mccain chose her as his running mate, his campaign spent $50,000 on a background check. when he heard this, john mccain said we should have spent $75,000. >>> and we begin today with the secretary of state hillary clinton. thanks for spending time with us this morning. >> it's a pleasure to talk with you from singapore, george
for corzine would not look good for president obama. another race to watch is in new york. the republican dropped out of the race overthe weekend. she tossed her support behind bill owens, the democratic opponent. there also a dozen local elections throughout the metro region. for complete results, stay with abc 7 and news channel 8. >>> there was apparently a murder suicide involving two teenagers. this happened in triangle. one 17-year-old girl lived at the home. the girl's father found the bodies around 5:00 p.m. yesterday in an upstairs bedroom. >>> police are searching for two men connection with a shooting at gold's gym. the man approached a man and try to rob him. he was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. one of the suspects is described as black with a tear drop tattoo >>> > some house fires are being looked at in upper marlboro. it took firefighters 30 minutes to bring it under control. we're told no one was home at the time. in montgomery county, nearly two dozen pets died in a house fire in rockville. the blaze started in the basement and spread. five adu
guest list. while they were in the same room as the president, mrs. obama and the indian prime minister it is not clear whether either of them met the guest of honor or the obamas. >> this was called to the attention of the secret service by press inquireys. everybody entering the white house for the dinner, including the salahis went through magnatometers. the couple are candidates for the television show "real housewives of washington." >> what a story. thank you very much. we turn to some other news on this thanksgiving morning. we're learning more about president obama's war strategy for afghanistan. ahead of his announcement next week, the president will address the nation tuesday from the military academy at west point in new york. he is expected to send 30,000 more troops afghanian to join the 68,000 already there. lawmakers plan to hold a hearing on the strategy the day after the speech. police are investigating a forced entry home invasion in gaithersburg that ended with a shooting in the parking lot. police say a man returned to his home on crestwood drive last night and found
at home and abroad, to govern the country. it's a serious challenge for president obama, who soon has to decide whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to combat the taliban. partly on whether he can trust karzai. many agree it will take more than just military might to meet those goals requiring karzai to live up his promises of boosting his own security forces and provide a table government. jeremy, vinita? >>> attorney general eric holder is taking heat from congress to try top terror suspects in new york city. republican senators argued a civilian trial would give suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad and others a world stage for propaganda. they said a civilian jury could acquit him. holder says that will not happen. >>> the senate has finally released a version of the health care reform bill. the total cost, $849 billion over 10 years. senate democrats claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion. they promise coverage to 94% of americans. democrats say they will raise money for the plan through higher payroll taxes for the rich and taxes on cosmetic
are lining up to get them. we will show you how president obama spend thanksgiving, plus how u.s. troops overseas are celebrating this holiday. and everyone is trying to figure ralph did two reality show hopefuls get into the white house state dinner without an invitation. >> live and in hb, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side -- live and in hd. >> black friday used to be the date of shopper's dream of, but many stores are getting a jump start on the deal by opening up on thanksgiving day. some people have already started their shopping. rebecca cooper is live now in springfield with more on this new holiday trend. >> this thanksgiving, and number retailers are hoping to take advantage of some of that renewed consumer confidence after the dismal sales year they have had so far, so there were a number of stores open today inluding old navy, the gap, wal-mart, and a store that has been open every thanksgiving, a kmart. the trees are up and christmas is in the air at stores ready to sell, but with turkey on the table, why go shopping on thanksgiving day? >> with all of the coupon offers
. the hearings are expected on capitol hill next week jay korff, abc 7 news. >>> president obama met with top advisers over the military situation in afghanistan. this picture with his national security advisers was released tonight. he is considering four options. general david petraeus says the president will not make his decision until he returns from a nine-day trip in asia. he leaves tomorrow. >>> on this veterans day, the nation remembers those service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> president obama on a brave soldiers. >> for our veterans and our fallen and their families, there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and sacrifice. >> the president led the nation in the day of observation of veterans day with the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the nknowns. he also walked among the grave sites of those who died in iraq and afghanistan. michelle obama addressed service groups and veterans at george washington university. she said she was in awe of the service members. vice president joe biden, his wife
: what do we these contests say after electing president obama to the white house? >> if president -- if the demomoats lose all three of those races. >> reporter: the white house is down playing the election's outcomes. the president inherered daunting challelees. >> we have spent a decent amount ofof time talking about one her in afghanistan. we e leaded to an either bigger one. >>> virginia hurtado live in washington, thanks. >>> our election coverage continues on "good morning america." when al gore weighs in on the challenges ahead for the obama white house. >>> a developing story this morning from north korea, it announced it has enough plutonium to make one nucucar bomb. thisay be an attempt to force the u.s. into direction talks with the north. >>> fresh off his re-election victory president hamid karzai is reaching out. we have more on what president karzai has to say. >> reporter: good morning. one day after being declared defacto winner of the election, president karzai made his victory speech. a victory marred by allegations of voter fraud. karzai acknowledged the damage
the trimmings. there'll be pumpkins, pecans, and sweet potato pies as well as cheesecake. >> president obama will decide the future of many service members for afghanistan on tuesday night. he will lay out his plans for the role in afghanistan at a speech in west point. the president is expected to announce the addition of 30,000 more troopss and set goals for ending the war. he's also said to attend a conference in copenhagen on climate control. there was speculation he would not attend, but the white house says his decision to attend is a sign of his commitment to curbing climate change. after the conference on december 9th, he will head to oslo to accept the nobel peace prize. >> wizards owner paid -- abe pollin was known as a charitable man who helped to revitalize more than just downtown washington d.c. let's go live to the six street synagogue on how abe pollin is being remembered. >> abe pollin was a member of the washington hebrew congregation but he cared about all things jewish. he was a major force in saving this synagogue. crews were setting up for tonight's concert. >> about tww
in delaware, president obama saw the real prize american fighting men and women and their families are paying for the war in afghanistan. in the pre-dawn darkness, the commander-in-chief what is the return of 18 americans who were killed in afghanistan were -- it is to the return of 18 americans were killed in afghanistan this week. >> obviously, it was a sobering reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that our young men and women in uniform are engaging in every single day, not only our troops, but their families as well. >> as casualties mount, the president and his national security team continue to deliberate strategy going forward. >> every day that goes by without that decision being made, the more days there are wary youngmericans are unnecessarily in harm's way, in my view. >> a marine combat veteran of iraq has become the first american official to resign in protest against the war in afghanistan. >> i believe that the people we are fighting there are fighting us because we are occupying that, not for ideological reasons or because of links to al qaeda or fundamental hatred towards
inside the new republican revolution, but is it working? and what does it mean for president obama? george stephanopoulos joins us. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is "nightline," november 2nd, 2009. >>> good evenings are i'm terry moran. and we're going to begin tonight with the human quest for longevity and an american city testing four secrets to a longer life. it was chosen for a so-called vitality project funded by the united health foundation because it's pretty unremarkable really. because it didn't take too long before the people of albert lea, minnesota started achieving pretty remarkable results, for themselves, for their families and for the entire community. john donvan has the report. >> reporter: do you want to live a long, long time? wells are this man right here, dan buettner has traveled the world looking for the secrets to living a longer and healthier life. along the way, he met guitar-playing raphael lne in costa rica, he is 100 years old. ♪ >> reporter: ushi in ok
's elections. will barack obama help them win? >>> then, running research. with no shoes and a new book, one man's insight on marathons and human endurance. >>> and, movie magic. michael jackson tops the box office charts. ♪ they say why, why tell them that it's hun nature ♪ >> impressions of "this is it" in "insomniac theater." it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we both saw the movie over the weekend and i have to say i burned calories during the movie. >> you were the dancing guy? >> i was moving. the eater was sort of empty so i could gyrate at will. and nobody would pay attention. >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to not dance at least once during that. >> right. it brought back a lot of fond memories. michael in his healthier looking days certainly. and it was interesting. we'll talk about it. >> don't ruin it. >> i'll try not to. >> stay tuned for that part, we'll talk about it. >> stick around, we'll give our reviews. good morning on this monday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> president obama is putting hit political clout on the
it does not happen again. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will reportedly approved most of the 40,000 additional troops requested with deployments likely beginning in january. mr. obama meets with his war council tomorrow and then leaves for asia on thursday. there probably will not be announcement on this until he gets back. >>> police are looking into a double shooting overnight that left a man dead and another in the hospital. this happened after midnight on 21st street. they were taken to the hospital where one died. >>> u.s. senators are looking into a probe at safety lapses in metro. since spring, metro officials barred independent monitors from walking the tracks looking for problems. metro says there has been a misunderstanding of the monitors were allowed to approach the tracks if accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes will likely be approved to legalize same-sex marriage in the district. these changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to avoid h
time for president obama. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, "on your side." >>> he owned a couple of washington's biggest sports teams and revitalized downtown washington. tonight, we are remembering abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> jay korff has more on his life and legacy. >> abe pollin deed was an icon, a sports giant here in the district of columbia, and was also very proud of the fact that the car rena he built changed this city forever. outside of the verizon center, fans are stunned and saddened by the loss of team owner abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> we have been coming to the games and he has been a big part of it and the team's success. it is a tremendous loss to find out that he has passed away. >> abe pollin brought professional basketball and hockey to the region. he sold the capitals but kept in the nba's wizards. he was admired and respected for helping to revitalize part of downtown d.c. after building the verizon center. >> when he brought this, i would
to the polls. independents who backed obama last november voted two to one for bob mcdonnell. virginia is overwhelming voicing their support for bob mcdonnell and the gop. is the first time in 12 years republicans have swept all offices. >> thank you. >>> republicans are also in charge of the other top two seeds. bill bolling gathered 56% over jody wagner. and in the attorney general race, ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over democrat steve shannon with 50% of the vote. >>> republicans also captured the other race, in new jersey. chris creasing it beat jon corzine with nearly 49% of the vote. he is the first republican to win a statewide contest in that heavily democratic state. the democrats managed to pull off a win in new york's 23rd congressional district. doug hoffman lost with about 49% of the vote. republican dede scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the democrat and still picked up six% of the te. >>> we have complete coverage of all races. lock onto >>> a tragic end for three college softball players. the women were found dead last night. their jeep was pu
presidential candidate. president obama h h been counting on a clean election in afghanistan as he weighs sending 40,000 more u.s troops there.e. but hopes for a legitimate process are now all but lost after president hamid karz's main challenger dropped out of the race. here's david kerley. >> reporter: they will all feel the effect. the more than 100,000 allied troops, the afghan people, of this man's decision to quit next weekend's presidential runoff. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter:r:bdullah abdullah's exit from the presidential race hands victory to the incumbent, president hamid karzai, a victory that is tainted by massive fraud in the first election back in august. still, abdullah urged his followers to remain calm. >> so that's the call for myself, not to go to the reets, no demonstrations. >> reporter: presisint karzai is set to rule the war-torn nation for another five years partnering with the u.s. amidst accusations he is ineffective and corrupt. >> i think it's time for us to stop beating up on president karzai and start building up presi
16th, 2009. >>> good morning and thanks for being wi us on this monday. >>> president obama has started his first ever visit to china. we have a bit of american political theater. >> he took questions in the town hall meeting and ann compton has the latest. good morning, ann. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the president who was elected in part because of his reach out to the internet came here to china where they tend to block some sites but they still let him hold an internet town hall meeting. president obama wanted to make a point beginning this three-day visit not with the political leaders in beijing, but with china's next generation. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: 400 university students in shanghai offered questions in person and on the internet. in a country where the government blocks social networks like twitter, the u.s. ambassador made sure president obama goa chance to say the free flow of information makes a country stronger. >> because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable. they can begin to think for themsel
years. a loss for corzine will not look good for president obama. republican dede scozzafava dropped out of that race over the weekend and then she tossed her support before democrat candidate bill owens, hoping to defeat the conservative candidate. there also local elections. for complete results, stay with abc 7 and news channel 8. >>> the deaths of two teenagers has left the city of triangle, , , in shock. it happens act oakdale circle. -- it happens at oakdale circle. matt brock has more. >> the girl's father came home and found the bodies. police would not say for sure if it is a murder-suicide, but it does look that way. a tragedy. inside this home on oakdale circle, a father discovered a parent's worst nightmare, the body of his teenage daughter and a teenage boy. >> she lived there with her father. he came home and discovered the bodies. >> police say they forest park high school were shot together in an upstairs bedroom. police did not believe anyone else was involved. >> we're not looking for a murder suspect here. >> neighbors say the girl and her father were relatively new to
. >>> there will be a memorial at fort hood today. president obama and the first lady will be there and will meet with the families of these victims. the suspected shooter, major nidal hasan, is all wake and talking. he will be tried in a military court. investigators believe he acted alone. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will approve most of the 40,000 additional troops requested. mr. obama meets with his war council again tomorrow and leaves for asia on thursday. the white house says there will probably not be an announcement on this until he gets back. >>> senators are looking into the safety lapses at metro. nce spring, metro officials have barred independent monitors from walking the tracks. metro says it has been a misunderstanding and that monitors have always been allowed to approach the tracks if there are accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes for same-sex marriages. the changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to participate in gay weddings and receptions. it would eliminate domestic partn
are trying to block the measure. >>> president obama is back on his way to the white house. he thanks troops for their service. before that, he met with the south korean president. they're trying to get north korea to get rid of their nuclear weapons. >>> hamid karzai will be inaugurated for a second term today. hillary clinton is in afghanistan to show u.s. support. hamid karzai it is under pressure to clean up his act. mrs. clinton warned in the future aid depends on his performance. it is also a factor in whether president obama will boost troop levels there. >>> new details about the upcoming pentagon review. robert gates is expected to announce today that his chosen a former senior defense official to head the probe. that is the word this morning. gates once a short-term report filed by a longer, more extensive study. >>> a virginia hunter is facing charges after he fired at college students he mistook for deer. jessica goode shot in the chest and killed. another was shot in the hand. they were collecting frogs for a biology class. jason faces three charges including manslaughter. he is
room as the president, mrs. obama and the indian prime minister it is not clear whether either of them actually met the president. >> the secret service said the president was never in danger. the salahi's are candidates for bravo's show the real housewives of washington. in fact, they have had some cameras following them already. >> matt, thank you very much. in other news now we are learning more about president obama's war strategy for afghanistan. ahead of his announcement next week, the president will address the nation tuesday. he is expected to send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan to join the 68,000 already there. lawmakers plan to hold a hearing on the strategy the day after he makes that speech. police are investigating a home invasion that ended with a shooting in parking lot. police say a man returned to his home on crestwood drive and found two men in his home who were wearing ski masks. the suscts took off and shots were fired. the man was taken to the hospital and treated then released. >> 59-year-old james bea was electrocuted yesterday at the scene of the break onakle
>>> welcom >>> welcome to "world news." tonight, war plan. president obama will announce his decision on afghanistan next week, likely to incle more troops. but how will they be used, and will they make a difference? >>> mixed message. home prices are stabilizing, but many homeowners owe more than their house is worth. so, what's the true picture of the housing market? >>> risky business. the loophole that allows products for children to be sold in this country would mandatory safety tests. >>> moose call. one man's effort to safe the life of his pal, who just happens to be a moose. >>> and, from soup to nuts, the obamas host their first state dinner. >>> good evening. a decision is at hand. for three months now the president has grappled with whether to send more troops to afghanistan, and what u.s. strategy there ought to be. over and over, he has met with his war council. political critics have accused him of dithering. today, a white house spokesman said he will announce his decision a week from tonight. it is likely he will send thousands more troops in, with benchmarks
version has got to get through. i think the obama administration understands it's politically untenable to have this thing die on the vine, because then they're incapable of getting any legislation through. you'll see whatever compromises are necessary to get some kind of health care package through. the larger question, what else are we thinking about? what's the context in which health care reform is occurring? and there's a tremendous of other economic issues, the most notable, what you began, unemployment, which we don't have the political will to address today. what you hope doesn't happen, all the political concern gets drained out on health care. the. >> one of the real economy issues was taxes. glen, upper instrumental in designing the bush tax cuts in 2003, set to expire now in 2011. a lot of people feel that if we were to see these tax cuts expire, that's going to pressure an already fragile recovery. what are your thoughts on higher taxes next year? >> well, there's two sense in which the higher taxes would hurt the recovery. one would be higher taxes on entrepreneurs, small
family. >> president obama in the first family taken in a college basketball game. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> investigators are still searching for answers about the crash involving tiger woods. the golf superstar and his wife still have not talked to the police about what happened early yesterday morning when it tiger woods crashed into a tree. >> florida highway patrol officers arrived at tiger wood'' house saturday trying to question him about his bizarre car accident. the police say he hit a fire hydrant and a treat while driving his cadillac suv out of his driveway at 2:30 friday morning. these exclusive photos show the damage to the car. >> his wife came out of the house when she heard him hitting the fire hydrant, used a golf club to break out the rear window to gain entrance to the vehicle, removed him from the vehicle, and laid him on the streets. >> officers came within minutes. >> he had lacerations and blood on his lip. and he was treated and released from the hospital in good condition. >> still, questions remain. >> it
be in contact with extremists. , tremists. he will insist on answ president obama told abc news, se will insist on answers. >> we're going to complete this nvestigation. wh thawe are going to take whatever steps are necessary, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: since the shootings last thursday, security measures ave been tightened. army officials have closed the largely, aspublic. >> right now, we have elevated security measures, largely, as a means of reassurance to the e the tion. threat, as we continue to examine the threat, we will keep appropriate security medses in place. >> reporter: the commanding general at ft. hood, said about 600 soldiers, first responders and civilians, were directly affected by last week's massacre. to play the memorial service is expected to play a significant role in moving toward healing. some >> it brings out the high orale. knocks something like this, it just knocks everybody down. and somebody important like the president coming it's like, okay. i feel very good. >> to el good now. i feel very good. >> ihink tomorrow is
. president obama said the recession is still keeping its grip on to many families. and taylor swift is sinking anything but the blues. we will have a wrapup of the country music awards. and the latest on the relentless rain. and the latest on the relentless rain. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit... >>> foreclosure filings are down. the foreclosure rate in our area dropped 10% in october. it also fell slightly to 1 385 households. americans are still struggling. >> as the nation's unemployment rate hovered just over 10%, the president called for white house job summit. >> we will gather ceo's and small-business owners, economists, as well as representatives from labor unions to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. >> president obama acknowledged recent growth has not transla
chosen the gop candidate as their next governor. >> president obama had campaigned for the democrats in both races. viviana hurtado is joining us from washington for what those results might mean for the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. political analysts say the results are not a referendum on the president but on the state of the economy. republicans will be moving into the governor's office both new jersey and virginia. >> tonight you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell beat creigh deeds in virginia. chris christie ousted incumbent jon corzine in new jersey. >> we know the challenges we face and over the next four years we'll have our work cut out for us. >> reporter: these states helped the president take the white house last year. the gop says the defeat of democratic candidates is a referendum on mr. obama, but exit polls suggest otherwise. in virginia and new jersey about half of voters approved of the president's handling of his job and most say he was not a factor in their votes. the fault line was the weak economy. a
obama plouffe handle the war in afghanistan. we have a preview of that coming up next. >> the finishing touches as on obama's first state dinner are coming together. tonight's dinner is an honor of the indian prime minister, and it will feature a vegetarian menu with produce even coming from the white house garden. among the guests, robin roberts, oprah winfrey, and steven spielberg. >> you do the best you can to make sure you back to get a very comprehensive list that touches every sector of american society. >> in fact, at tonight's dinner is so big it will not fit inside the white house. organizers have constructed a tent on the white house lawn so they can entertain the guests tonight. >> one week tonight we will find out president obama s new war strategy for afghanistan. he will reportedly ordered a third of combat troops, and not as many as requested. >> president obama will address the nation when we come to a night -- president obama will address the nation one week from tonight to discuss the afghanistan trooper measures. >> whatever process there is can actually further the s >> next tuesday, december 1, president obama is expected to reveal to the nation his policy on afghanistan, after which he intends to go up to capitol hill in an effort to shore up support among democrats. his goal, he says, is to stop al qaeda from operating in afghanistan. >> it is in our strategic interest, in our national security interest, to make sure that al qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate effectively in those areas. we are quick to dismantle and degrade the capabilities and -- going to dismantle and degrade their capabilities and destroy their networks. >> to powerful democrats are talking about a war tax. >> there will be no money for nothing if we put it all into afghanistan. >> i think adding some additional income tax to the upper brackets, $250,000. >> senator carl levin and congressman david obey. the number-cruncher's tell us the price tag for our soldiers and marines and other military personnel in afghanistan is about $1 million each. stimulus money is flowing out of the federal treasury, who knows what a new health care structure will cost, fighting two wars
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> washington gets dressed up for the obama's first state dinner. stars from hollywood and baliwood. and special menus for the guest of honor. >>> flying sick. why dprs expect a resurgence of swine flu. >>> and last dancer. a surprise win on "dancing with the stars." see who had the best moves on this wednesday, november 25th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. well, it was the hottest ticket in washington last night. the first state dinner of the obama administration. the dinner honoring india's prime minister had plenty of traditional prompt and protocol. but the obamas spiced things up with the guest list and the menu. viviana hurtado has more on the star-spangled night. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the white house wanted everything, the menu, the colors, the entertainment to be the best of the u.s. and india. the president and first lady greeted their most important guest, the prime minister of india and his wife, at their first state dinner. the toast began hindi. then, with lifted glasses, bot
obama called the new health care reform bill a critical milestone. >> tonight begins the last journey we have been on. >> reporter: they claim it will cut the deficit by 127 billion over that period. while ensewering coverage for 94% of americans. >> it's simple sign. it's like this -- it's victory and that's what we're going to have with health care. >> reporter: reid gathered democrats to discuss the bill. >> we're going to get it over the finish line because failure is not an option. >> reporter: health care reform dead on arrival that declared. >> will bankrupt this country. >> reporter: asked how he squared a promise to strengthen medicare with cutting the program, reid was philosophically. >> you get rid of that, it strengthens the program. >> reporter: it includes an optional public health care plan allowing states to opt out. it's paid for a medicare payroll tax on those enearning over $250,000 and those on pricey health care plans. >>> after the president's trip, the president left south korea with part of his agenda accomplished. while he made headway on north korea nuclear wea
of the roadway. lanes have also been closed on a larger freeway. >>> president and mrs. obama hosted their first state dinner at the white house last night. the early buzz seems to indicate it was a pretty smashing success. >> state dinners are steeped in tradition but the obamas came up with their own modern touches. john hendren joins us from washington with more. good morning, john. >> reporter: officially, it was a tribute to india. president obama's debut state dinner was also a tribute to hollywood, bollywood, and washington. it was a bit like an intimate dinner party for nearly 340 of president and first lady obama's closest friends. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our beam. >> reporter: it was also democratic with a small "d." they held it in a tent, squeezing in twice as many on the south lawn as would have fit in the state dining room. >> even with a big white house like the white house there are only so many people we can invi invite. >> reporter: politicos like senator john kerry and house speaker nanc
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to 31 million more americans that do not currently have health insurance. >>> president obama is on his way back to the white house. his final stop was in south korea. he visited troops and thanked them for their service. he met with south korean president and they declared new steps in getting north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. they fail to reach an agreement on a free-trade deal. >>> hami karzai is promising to end corruption. hillary clinton was there for the ceremony to show u.s. support. he is under international pressure to shed the cronyism that marked his first term. no word on if it will factor into president obama's susan on whether to boost troop levels there. >>> new details of the circumstances surrounding the fort hood shooting. robert gates is expected to announce he has chosen a former senior defense official to head the probe. he wants a quick, short-term report fall bought a longer, more extensive study. >>> a hunter ifacing charges after he fired at college students he mistook for deer. jessica goode was shot in the chest and killed. regis boudinot shot in th
. and president obama joined jon corzine on the campaign trail. >> this was not a question of obama policies or corzine paula sees that will lead us into this -- policies that led us into this. >>> investigators are trying to figure out how a halloween party ended up deadly. it was in colombia, and a 19- year-old from silver spring was killed -- it was in columbia, maryland. another was shot and paralyzed. so far, no arrests. they say the home was rented out for the party. >>> a former police chief charged with dui appears in a youtube video on the dangers of drinking and driving. he was arrested july 25 after an accident in arlington, in his blood-alcohol limit was more than twice the legal limit. he spent time in jail and resigned. >> when you get to the decision point, whatever that is, think of it. >> baker says he has been in contact with the other driver involved in that collision, and that woman suffered whiplash and back pain. >>> turning now to the h1n1 outbreak, 10 million more doses are expected to become available of the vaccine this week. vaccine manufacturers where apparently w
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